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Network Instability Posted on 7 Nov 2019

On the afternoon of 7 November it was confirmed by our network administrator that there is a Sussex wide problem with network stability. This is affecting the internet access at the suregry and has limited our access to the clinical system we use. We have a robust continuity plan in place so will still be able to see patients as planned but we may not be able to access test results or make new requests until the network instability is solved.

Our network administrators are working hard to resolve this as quickly as they can and we will provide an update as soon as is possible.

We are also aware that the Improved Access Service have had to cancel their clinic at the Meads this evening and will not be seeing patients until this is resolved. If you have a query about this then please contact them directly as the Improved Access Service is not a Meads Medical Centre Service.

Should you be awaiting any urgent test results that you are expecting to hear back from this evening please ring 111

Many thanks

Martha Newman

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