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Flu jab update for our patients aged between 50-64 and not in at risk group Posted on 20 Nov 2020

For those in the 50-64 age group waiting to have a flu vaccination at the Meads, we are currently awaiting confirmation regarding availability (for our requested number of vaccines) from the Department of Health supplier.

Until confirmation of our order is received, together with a delivery date confirmed, we are unable to book and invite patients en masse into one of our flu clinics. This said, we do currently have some vaccine set aside for the 50-64 age group but this is not enough to cover all of the eligible patients. If people who are aged 50-64 wish to call in to book their flu jab then they can as we are currently offering a limited number of appointments, matching the vaccine stock availability that we have. 

I'm sorry that we do not have further information at this stage. We will try and keep our patients updated promptly once further vaccine supply information is know. 

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