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Our phone lines Posted on 28 Sep 2021

We have been informed of a recent post on social media expressing concern about hearing a busy tone when calling the surgery and then the call is ended.
Firstly, we are very sorry to hear about this experience for our patients and it is the first time we had been made aware of it.
We presently have ten phone lines available at the surgery. Once ten people are using the telephone, the line will register as a busy tone to anyone who tries to call in. Whilst I can assure you we are doing our best to answer calls as quickly as we can, we can appreciate hearing the busy tone would be really annoying to hear, particularly if you hear this several times.
It is an extremely busy time at the surgery, with a huge number of unprompted enquiries from local residents, enquiring about their covid booster vaccines whilst also booking in vulnerable Meads patients for their covid booster vaccines.
We have this morning contacted our phone supplier and have increased our total number of phone lines to 16. If you are caller 17 or 17 plus, you will hear a busy tone until you are within the first 16 callers at the Meads.
If you do hear the busy tone, please end the call and dial again. We appreciate that this will be frustrating but we will answer your call as soon as we can.
As I am sure you will appreciate regretfully we are unable to assign 16 members of staff to the phones throughout the day, we can assure you however, that at peak times of the day, for example before 10am, just after lunch times, and when we are booking into vaccine clinics, we divert all extra resource we can to answering the telephone as we are keen to provide as good a service as we can.
Please remember to call POD on 0808 164 7678 to order repeat prescriptions, and also don’t forget you can also book some appointments and view your medical record as well as test results with home online access. If you don’t have online access already please go to this section of our website to download the forms.
We would take this opportunity to remind patients to regularly review our Meads Facebook Page/ practice news section of our website for updates surrounding the covid booster programme and other surgery news. The Meads will only be vaccinating Meads registered patients with their covid booster vaccines.
We would also like to remind patients that we take all feedback seriously and would welcome one to one dialogue should any concerns arise that we can directly investigate/ comment or adapt to as appropriate. Thank you to our patients for supporting us in what remains unprecedented times.
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